Georgia Google Maps


Free and always accurate driving directions, Google Maps, traffic information for Georgia (GE). Explore satellite imagery of Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, on the Google Maps of Asia below.

Georgia (GPS: 42 00 N, 43 30 E) located in Southwestern Asia, bordering the Black Sea, between Turkey and Russia, with a sliver of land north of the Caucasus extending into Europe; note – Georgia views itself as part of Europe; geopolitically, it can be classified as falling within Europe, the Middle East, or both. The country’s area measurements are total: 69,700 sq km; land: 69,700 sq km, water: 0 sq km. This sovereign state is slightly smaller than South Carolina, slightly larger than West Virginia. The total irrigated land is 4,330 sq km (2012).

One of the essential features of Georgia: Strategically located east of the Black Sea. Georgia controls much of the Caucasus Mountains and the routes through them. The world’s four deepest caves are all in Georgia, including two that are the only known caves on earth deeper than 2,000 m: Krubera Cave at -2,197 m (-7,208 ft. Reached in 2012) and Veryovkina Cave at -2,212 (-7,257 ft. Reached in 2018).

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