What to expect with Google Maps’ new bike-friendly features


Google Maps has just made a significant update to help cyclists navigate the city. They’ve already offered bike routes in some cities, but now they’re making that information more accessible by including bike lanes in their directions and suggesting less hilly routes.

Getting More Bike-Friendly

Cyclists are some of the few beings on this planet still asking for directions. Cyclists need to know information unique to bike riders and can not find it with an app. To be successful as a cyclist, it is beneficial to ask other cyclists for advice.

Now, Google Maps has some new features that will help you find those things. The improved view for cyclists includes more data about bike routes when available and how busy the vehicle traffic is. Maps for cyclists warn you about obstacles on your route and provide turn-by-turn directions to accommodate bicyclists. They can tell you which roads have gravel sections and can provide directions depending on the type of street bike used.

Cyclists need some other reason to talk to one another. Maybe they can complain about the lack of transportation infrastructure founded on government investment.

3D views of Landmarks

Google Maps is now adding 3D views of landmarks. This new feature is a souped-up Street View setting that will let you zoom and pan around the world with unprecedented freedom. Google teased this new feature earlier this year. Google’s new landmarks aren’t precisely that, and the company hasn’t said when the feature will come out, but it seems a step in that direction.

Google Play Store Changes

Along with the Maps update, Google announced some changes coming to the Google Play store. The update is focused on removing certain apps that might prey on unsuspecting users. Such as apps that try to hoax people with false information about vaccines. Before this change, Google was not likely to give up on tracking cookies. Now, the company has slightly adjusted them so that ads are less disruptive. Nearly all updates will be done by the end of Aug 31.


This is an excellent update for cyclists who rely on Google Maps to navigate the city. With this new update, they can see bike lanes and suggest less hilly routes, making it easier for them to get around the city. This is just one more way that Google is making it easier for people to get where they need to go, and we hope that they continue to add more features like this in the future.