How can I determine the distance between two points on Google Maps?


With Google Maps, anyone can determine the distance between two points – but by default, the map does not measure in a straight line, but in navigational terms, the way you can drive (or walk). This is of course usually the preferred approach, but if we still want to know how far apart two points are as the crow flies, we can check this in the following way.

First click on the starting location, then right-click and select Distance measurement from the pop-up menu. Now find the destination and click the left mouse button. A small window will appear at the bottom center showing the distance between the points you have entered.

Google Maps now connects the points with a straight line and shows their distance. Interestingly, the line drawn is movable, so if you want to measure multiple distances, it may be easier to move the endpoints of the line. In addition, it is also possible to check the length of paths consisting of two or more segments.