The Windows map app also shows traffic cameras

Considering the popularity of Google Maps, it’s no wonder that the Maps app integrated into Windows 10 suffers from neglect. Yet this app gets better with every update. One interesting feature is the ability to take a look at still images from traffic cameras. This not only helps you to spot traffic jams but also … Read more

How to see traffic at different times on Google Maps?

We know that Google Maps can show current traffic data, but can it show traffic at different times? The truth is that it can, and it all comes down to knowing how to access all this information. Thankfully, that’s not hard to do, and all you need is to check it out for yourself, and you will be pleased with the process and results. To attempt something like this, you need to make sure that you have the latest Google Maps version to be safe.

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How accurate is the Google Maps traffic information?

We use Google Maps for various reasons, be it to find a place we want to visit, or maybe we want to estimate the travel time. That’s where the traffic information feature comes into play. The question is, can you rely on the traffic information you see in Google Maps, or it’s just an estimate, and you should find other sources? Let’s find out.

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How does Google Maps determine optimal routes?

Google Maps does an outstanding job at giving you a complete map of the region where you are in, or any area for that manner. But the truth is that whenever you need driving directions or a route planner, Google Maps can also be quite handy too. This app can help you identify the optimal routes, which will help save a lot of time and effort.

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How to navigate offline in Google Maps?

Google Maps is an excellent tool if you want to access and use maps online. The challenge is, sometimes you may have slow Internet, your mobile data might be expensive, or you are worried about security problems. In that case, you can’t really get online, which is why it makes a lot of sense to try and navigate offline in Google Maps. But can you do that, and can you have driving directions from an offline tool?

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Macau Google Maps


Free and always accurate driving directions, Google Maps, traffic information for Macau (MO). Explore Macau’s satellite imagery, Macau’s capital city, on the Google Maps of Southeast Asia below.

Macau (GPS: 22 10 N, 113 33 E) is located in Eastern Asia, bordering the South China Sea and China. The country’s area measurements are total: 28.2 sq km; land: 28.2 sq km, water: 0 sq km. This sovereign state is less than one-sixth the size of Washington, DC. The total irrigated land is 0 sq km (2012).

One of the critical features of Macau: Essentially urban. An area of land reclaimed from the sea measuring 5.2 sq km and known as Cotai now connects Coloane and Taipa’s islands. The island area is connected to the mainland peninsula by three bridges.

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