How does Google Maps measure real-time traffic?


To deliver the right route planner system, a tool like Google Maps needs real-time traffic data. But the truth is that we don’t really know where this data comes from. Of course, Google will never share its sources. But we know that some sources are getting the data, and it’s pretty accurate.

Where is Google getting real-time traffic data?

As we mentioned above, there are many different places where Google Maps gets its data from. The main one is from Google users themselves. Google tracks the GPS location of every user, so it knows where people are if they are driving, and so on. The Android devices send data based on the cellphone or GPS networks too, which is very helpful for this type of situation.

On top of that, there’s the Waze tool that is delivering live traffic feed, and that info is also accessible by Google as well. Google Maps acquire information from current users, depending on where they are and their neighboring regions. Some companies have agreements with AVL and monitoring companies to accept anonymous data as well. Lastly, Google even has agreements with public traffic departments, and it can receive reports and sensor data. All this wealth of information is processed by Google, and the overall results are pretty accurate in the end.

Plus, the Local Department of Transportations or DOTY has various sensors on the pavement and cameras that monitor roadways. These bring in lots of important information, and that alone can be used to understand the current traffic. So yes, Google Maps uses a lot of information to keep the data accurate and to the point, and it’s worth it.

Is the Google Maps real-time data accurate?

As you can see, all the traffic data comes from legit sources. It’s updated in real-time more often than not, or it has a minimal delay. As a result, you can rely on Google Maps to have outstanding accuracy. Something like that will indeed make a difference, and that’s precisely why you have to test it out for yourself. You will be very impressed not only with its results but the outstanding experience provided here. It is a fantastic tool to access all the traffic data, and the ROI can be significant. Should you use Google Maps to access real-time traffic data? Yes, because the information is entirely accurate. No tool is perfect, but if you want an excellent route planner, Google Maps can be the ideal option. On top of that, you do have great driving directions and other amazing things too. We recommend using Google Maps right away, especially if you need a good tool for routing. It will be beneficial, and the ROI can indeed be second to none. Just check it out for yourself today!