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Christmas Island (GPS: 10 30 S, 105 40 E) is located in Southeastern Asia, an island in the Indian Ocean, south of Indonesia. The country’s area measurements are total: 135 sq km; land: 135 sq km, water: 0 sq km. This sovereign state is about three-quarters the size of Washington, DC. The total irrigated land is N/A.

One of the essential features of Christmas Island: Located along major sea lanes of the Indian Ocean.

It’s significant, and simultaneously, the principal city, The Settlement’s GPS coordinates are 10 25 S 105 43 E. The Settlement’s local time is 12 hours ahead of Washington DC during Standard Time. The capital’s time difference: UTC+7.

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Google Maps Christmas Island and The Settlement, Southeast Asia

About Christmas Island in detail

Flag of Christmas Island Map of Christmas Island
The flag of Christmas Island Map of Christmas Island

Although Europeans had sighted the island at least as early as 1615, it was only named in 1643 for the day of its rediscovery. The island was annexed, and settlement began by the UK in 1888 to discover the island’s phosphate deposits. Following the Second World War, Christmas Island came under the jurisdiction of the new British Colony of Singapore. The island existed as a separate Crown colony from 1 January 1958 to 1 October 1958, when its transfer to Australian jurisdiction was finalized. That date is still celebrated on the first Monday in October as Territory Day. Almost two-thirds of the island has been declared a national park.

Christmas Island’s names conventional long form: Territory of Christmas Island, conventional short form: Christmas Island, etymology: named by English Captain William MYNORS for the day of its discovery, Christmas Day (25 December 1643). Named by English Captain William MYNORS for the day of its rediscovery, Christmas Day (25 December 1643); The island had been sighted by Europeans as early as 1615.

Christmas Island’s terrain is typically cliffs along the coast rise abruptly to the central plateau. The country’s mean elevation: N/A, elevation extremes; lowest point: Indian Ocean 0 m, highest point: Murray Hill 361 m.

The country’s general climate is tropical with a wet season (December to April) and dry season: heat and humidity moderated by trade winds.

The total number of border countries is 0; none are the neighboring nations with the indicated border lengths. Christmas Island’s coastline is 138.9 km, while its marital claims are: territorial sea: 12 nautical miles, contiguous zone: 12 nautical miles, exclusive fishing zone: 200 nautical miles. Waterways: N/A. Land use: agricultural land: 0%; arable land 0%; permanent crops 0%; permanent pasture 0%; other: 100% (mainly tropical rainforest; 63% of the island is a national park) (2011 estimate).

The population in Christmas Island 2,205 (2016 estimate), N/A, major urban area’s population: N/A, while Christmas Island has N/A. Their spoken languages are English (official language), Chinese, Malay. Main religions in Christmas Island are Buddhist 16.9%, Christian 16.4%, Muslim 14.8%, other 1.3%, none 9.2%, unspecified 41.5% (2011 estimate). The nation uses the legal system is under the authority of the governor-general of Australia and Australian law. It is a(n) non-self-governing overseas territory of Australia, National holiday(s) Australia Day, 26 January (1788).

Economic overview for the country: The main economic activities on Christmas Island are the mining of low-grade phosphate, limited tourism, the provision of government services, and, since 2005, the construction and operation of the Immigration Detention Center. The government sector includes administration, health, education, policing, customs, quarantine, and defense.

Natural resources of Christmas Island: phosphate, beaches.

Main export partners for Christmas Island, Southeast Asia, are N/A for phosphate, while the country’s main import partners are N/A for consumer goods.

When you visit this country in Southeast Asia, consider the natural hazards in Christmas Island: The narrow fringing reef surrounding the island can be a maritime hazard, while infectious diseases are N/A. Also, note that Christmas Island faces the following environmental issues: Loss of rainforest, Impact of phosphate mining.

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