How is Waze different from Google Maps?


Google Maps and Waze are great navigation apps, and they come with features like real-time updates, traffic info, and route planning. But while they are pretty similar, they also have some differences too. This brings the question, how are they different from one another, and which one is the right option for you right now?

Waze is community-based, Google Maps is data-based

Yes, Google Maps acquires data using machine learning and AI, as well as local sources. Waze, on the other hand, receives data from the community. Both can be pretty accurate, but Google Maps beats Waze a bit since it relies on AI, users can sometimes lead to errors.

Customization options

Google Maps is mostly an essential app to keep things seamless and exciting. Waze is known for delivering a lot of customization; it even has celebrity voices. So, in this case, Waze is the winner since it allows you to customize your experience further the way you want.


Both tools have an excellent interface. If we have to choose one of the two, then most likely, we have to go with Waze because it goes for the minimal and sleek interface. Google Maps is high up there too, in their case, it’s more of a traditional interface.

Offline availability

Google Maps can be used offline without a problem. Waze, on the other hand, will need a dedicated internet connection. Otherwise, it doesn’t work. Google Maps is more practical if you go to places without an internet connection, so it’s the right tool to use in those situations.  

Real-time info

Google Maps started adding these features recently, but Waze has always been doing it thanks to the users. You can know things like road hazards, closures, traffic changes and so on a lot quicker, which is something to consider.

Who is it for?

Waze is mostly for cars. Google Maps can be used by anyone, including tourists that want to find certain vital places within the city. They even have a street view mode, and an Explore feature. So yes, the audience is a lot larger for Google Maps.

Important information

Google Maps offers business data, so you know the phone number, hours, menu, and so on. Waze doesn’t provide that; it’s more focused on traffic directions for cars, so that’s something to consider here.


Both apps are great, they serve people on the road very well, but they do have their differences. Google Maps can be used for anyone who wants guidance, including cars, bikers, people who visit a city, etc. It’s also usable offline, and it has a more traditional interface. On the other hand, Waze is focused mainly on cars, it doesn’t work offline, and it delivers real-time alerts. Both are great; it all comes down to using them whenever they are actually needed. One thing is sure, both of them have significant updates, and they are pretty accurate too!