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Saint Kitts and Nevis

Free and always accurate driving directions, Google Maps, traffic information for Saint Kitts and Nevis (KN). Explore satellite imagery of Basseterre, the capital city of Saint Kitts and Nevis, on the Google Maps of Central America and the Caribbean below.

Saint Kitts and Nevis (GPS: 17 20 N, 62 45 W) is located in the Caribbean, islands in the Caribbean Sea, about one-third of the way from Puerto Rico to Trinidad and Tobago. The country’s area measurements are total: 261 sq km; land: 261 sq km, water: 0 sq km. This sovereign state is 1.5 times the size of Washington, DC. The total irrigated land is eight sq km (2012).

One of Saint Kitts and Nevis’s crucial features is the smallest country in the Western Hemisphere in terms of area and population. With coastlines in the shape of a baseball bat and ball, the two volcanic islands are separated by a 3-km-wide channel called The Narrows. On the southern tip of long, baseball bat-shaped Saint Kitts lies the Great Salt Pond. Nevis Peak sits in the center of its almost circular namesake island, and its ball shape complements that of its sister island.

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