Laos Google Maps


Free and always accurate driving directions, Google Maps, traffic information for Laos (LA). Explore satellite imagery of Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, on the Google Maps of Southeast Asia below.

Laos (GPS: 18 00 N, 105 00 E) located in Southeastern Asia, northeast of Thailand, west of Vietnam. The country’s area measurements are total: 236,800 sq km; land: 230,800 sq km, water: 6,000 sq km. This sovereign state is slightly larger than Utah. The total irrigated land is 3,100 sq km (2012).

One of the essential features of Laos: Landlocked (enclosed or nearly enclosed by land). Most of the country is mountainous and thickly forested. The Mekong River forms a large part of the western boundary with Thailand.

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